Friday, April 11, 2008

Survival Tip: Starting a Fire

Here's a great Youtube video from Christine and Pauline (original NCFC Bay Clan members). This is fun video, narrated by Christine, which shows you how to start a fire in the wilderness (of their backyard) with cotten balls soaked in wax and a steel flint. Christine and Pauline will be visting the bay area in couple weeks. Contact them if you want to get in touch while they're here...


RavenClaw said...

I always appreciate these kinds of instructional videos (and by people who obviously love what they are doing and who are having a good time!). This is useful info, and I appreciate that you posted it!

Francesca C. said...


I've watched this twice - thanks for posting it. What she had in her hand looked like a Swedish fire steel fire starter. We just went out and bought one!

thanks, Francesca