Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NCFC Spring Flute Festival 2008: Stephen DeRuby

We're less than a week away from the second annual NCFC/NoNahme Spring Gathering in Georgetown, CA. To highlight the event, I thougth that I would feature a short introduction or review of each of the vendors who will be selling flutes next weekend. There will be a lot of other vendors with awesome crafts for sale, far too many for me to talk about each of them. But since I know personally, or know of all of the flutemakers, I thought that I would spend a few moments letting you know what's in store so that you bring a few extra bucks with you, just in case...

I have known Stephen DeRuby longer than just about any other flutemaker. I first met Stephen at the DeAnza PowWow many years ago, and we've been friends ever since. He has seen my kids grow up each year at the PowWow. I've purchased many, many flutes from Stephen over the years and I have only seen his skill and craftsmanship improve with each passing year. In my opinion, Stephen makes the best, inexpensive flute on the planet. If you're a beginner, be sure to stop by Stephen's booth and check out his "Trail Flute" series. (see picture below). If you have small hands, check out the flute in the key of A. Prices have gone up over the years so I can't call it the "Best Flute under $100" anymore, but if you are an NCFC member, Stephen will give a discount off the list price.

Stephen also makes excellent flutes in many other keys and styles, including his new "Mystic" series with EZ-Reach(TM). I can't wait to check out these new flutes. Stephen is also famous for his "Drum beats to accompany Native American Flute" a CD which is an excellent pick for playing along with.

To see Stephen's complete range of flutes and flutes accessories: http://www.deruby.com

For a complete list of vendors, check out the festival page: http://www.softcom.net/users/greebo/festival.htmDon't forget that the NCFC/NoNahme Spring Flute Festival is April 26-27, 2008, in Georgetown, CA. 8 AM - 6 PM each day

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