Thursday, November 27, 2008

Help Support Randy Stenzel

Two flutes have been donated to raise funds for flutemaker Randy Stenzel of Feather Wood Flutes. Randy is battling cancer and all proceeds will go to Randy Stenzel and his family.

ANDREW BEGAY Em - Mary Munrain has graciously donated a beautiful Andrew Begay Em Flute. Andrew is one of the premiere flute makers.
eBay Item number: 260323102386
Ebay auction link

BUTCH HALL Low Cm - Jan Rice donated a new Butch Hall Low Cm Concert Flute. This is a wonderful flute made of Spanish Cedar. It has a low, warm voice and an easy reach.
eBay Item number: 260323110328
Ebay auction link

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musical Echos, April 24-26, 2009

Musical Echos is happening again in 2009.

WHAT: Musical Echoes
WHEN: April 24-26, 2009.
WHERE: Ft. Walton Beach, FL

PLAYERS who might be interested in entering the playing competition need to submit a preliminary recording by January 15, 2009. All the specifics, including rules and applications can be found on the website:

Flute players info:

FLUTE MAKERS and ARTS entrants do not need to submit anything ahead of time. But should take a look at the rules and applications for both of these, so you can make sure your designs fit the criteria.

Flute makers info:

Arts Competition info:

The totem this year is the PANTHER.

For further information, please feel free to contact Rob Thorne at either:


Musical Echoes 2009
April 24, 25, 26

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want to learn to play flute with the cello?

Ann Licater has 7 spots left for this unique and powerful class. Many have found it especially wonderful because Ann will be presenting along with cellist, Suellen Primost! In the first half of the class Ann will run through technique brush-up on the native American flute (scales, embellishments) and then work with playing improvisational duets. Suellen Primost is a cellist, coming from Oakland, and will play improvisations with the students. There will be a mic/amp with reverb for the flute and the experience is really transformational.

Class fee is $49 payable to Moonfyre Metaphysical:

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov 25th 7:15 PM- 10 PM
WHAT: Technique and Improvisation- Native American Flute w/ Cello
LEVEL: Beginning - Intermediate
TEACHER: Ann Licater- Native American and World Flutes
GUEST: Suellen Primost, Cello
Moonfyre Metaphysical
401 E. Campbell, Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008
Call to Reserve a spot- 408-370-0333 OR email Fee Policy: Non-refundable Class fee is due to hold a space

About Ann Licater
Ann Licater: Native American and World Flutist. Fresh from her first performance at Carnegie Hall, and a former student of R. Carlos Nakai, at the Renaissance of the Native American Flute, Ann is a recording artist, featured performer at the World Flute Fest, and a San Jose Chamber Orchestra soloist. She facilitates healing workshops for Kaiser Permanente Wellness Centers and holds an M.L.A. in Spirituality. Her CD "Following the Call," solo wood and clay flute music was nominated "Best Native American Album" and "Top Twelve Best Contemporary Instrumental Album" of 2007 in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards. It Ann's music is heard on NPR stations on the "Hearts of Space" syndicated show as well as on cable and radio stations world-wide. Ann resides in the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California.

About Suellen Primost
Suellen Primost is a seasoned cellist, sound healer and performance artist, known for her versatility and expressiveness. She has spent her long musical career engaged in orchestral work, recording, chamber music and interdisciplinary collaborations. While living in Santa Fe, NM, Suellen worked with adolescent patients at St. Vincent Hospital and with Navajo Youth in rural and intercity programs. She also founded her own school. After moving to the Bay Area in 2002, Suellen joined Artship Ensemble as its Music Director. She currently performs with the Espiritu Ensembles, Native and world flutist Ann Licater and “Kiss the Joy as it Flies” Ensemble. She resides in Oakland, CA.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clint Goss Jam Tracks in G Minor

Clint Goss is busy doing the final mastering of his the second in his series of Jam Track CD's designed to enable you to play along with (jam) the tracks. This latest album is due out in January, and you can download two of the tracks now from his website, to give you a taste of the type of music which will be available in the final production.

The first title released was "Jam Tracks in A minor".

This new releases extends that to tunes written for a G minor flute. I applaud Clint for pulling together a compilation of tracks written for a specific flute key. This makes it a better investment for new players who may only have a single flute to chose the appropriate CD.

To download the two free tracks, click here: