Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Yosemite Flute Festival

I wanted to remind folks that the 2012 Yosemite Flute Festival is now taking shape, and it's going to be an awesome event this year, one that you can't miss. I've been involved with the Yosemite Flute Festival since it's inception and Rick and Linda have put on a quality event every year, but this year they're pulling out all the stops to create a wonderful event celebrating the Native American Flute.

First of all, it's hard to beat the setting. The event was moved last year to the Sierra Sky Ranch, and it's a nice intimate setting for interacting with all of the vendors and other flute players. Plus you can't beat adding a day to go through Yosemite!

As for performers, this year the lineup is incredible. It starts on Friday night with Steven Deruby, Rona Yellow Robe and Joe Young. Rona is an incredible flute player and her signing voice just melts my heart. She backed by her musical partner Bruce Witham (who's an amazing musician in his own write but has found a beautiful synergy with Rona). Rona's is one of the best, up and coming Native artists that I've heard in a long, long time, make sure that you get there by Friday night to catch her on stage. Joe Young has supported the festival for the last 3 years as both an artist and in the sound production. He is an amazing wind instrument artist and plays the sax, clarinet and Native American flute. Joe takes a more modern look at composing for the NAF, but always entertains. My good friend Steven Deruby has been making flutes longer than just about any body in the business. He is definitely one of the living "masters" and has left his mark on so many flute players and flute makers over the years. Steven was one the folks who helped initiate the Yosemite flute festival, and it's always a joy to watch him on stage (I've even had the privilege to perform with him). You never know what instrument(s) Steven will bring together on stage...

And that brings us to the Saturday evening concert. Starting the show on Saturday night we have Al Hollinger of Desert Wind Flutes. Al is an accomplished didgeridoo player and Native American flute player. Randy Grainger is a unique performer... if there's one individual who fits the mold of a modern day Kokopelli, it would be Randy. He's a free spirit and an incredible multi-instrumentalist who plays a variety of instruments, and I quite sure that he can make music out of anything.
Highlighting the evening on Saturday, is of course our very own Mary Youngblood. It's a couple years since Mary last performed at Yosemite, but it sure will be fun to see her again on stage. Mary is the capstone to an incredible lineup this year, and it's one that you won't want to miss. Add to that all of the great workshops and vendors, and you have the recipe for one wonderful NAF weekend. So start saving now (so you don't go home empty handed), get reservations in town NOW (the hotels will fill up quickly).
And we'll see you in Yosemite...

What: Yosemite Flute Festival
When: Sept 21-23, 2012
Where: Oakhurst, CA
Cost: $5.00 for three days (you can't beat this price anywhere...)
Concerts Ticket: TBA (probably in the $20 range)
Info: Yosemite Flute Festival 2012