Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mary Youngblood at Moaning Caverns

Mary Youngblood will be back at Moaning Caverns next month, and this is an event which you don't want to miss. I have been fortunate to accompany Mary on previous Moaning Cavern events and this is definitely one event you don't want to miss. One of my favorite all time group improvisations occurred at the Caverns concent a few years ago. Imagine playing with a dozen other musicians (led by Mary) in complete and utter darkness! We only had our ears to guide us, and it was a spiritual moment. I'll never forget it.

So don't miss your chance this year. This event WILL sell out, buy your tickets early.

What: Mary Youngblood at Moaning Caverns
When: Sept 10, 2011
Where: Moaning Cavern, 5350 Moaning Cave Road, Vallecito, CA 95251
Cost: $24.95 for bottom of main chamber, $19.95 top of main chamber
Contact: Call 209.736.2708 or toll free 866.762.2837 

Here's a video from one of the prior years events:


Friday, August 19, 2011

Who wants to use Google+ for virtual music lessons?

I am looking for a few early adopters, who also happen to be Native American Flute players and who are interested in experimenting with the Google+ Hangout feature as a remote teaching tool.

If you are somewhat savvy with computers, have a webcam and mic on your PC, and you'd like to try this experiment, then please reach out to me.

Here's how it works:

  • Google+ is the new social media platform from Google. (it's a competitor to Facebook)
  • You'll need to join Google+ on your own or email me to give you an invite. (look for the email address in the blog header).
  • If you're already on Google+ then send me a friend request.
  • Google+ using the concept of "circles" of friends to connect you with other Google+ members. The cool thing about this is that you can separate your work friends from your personal friends, from your music friends.
  • Once we're connected, I can create what's known as a "Hangout". This is simply a webcam conferencing feature which let's any of your "Friends" in a given "circle" join the hangout.

How to Use a Hangout to teach remotely?

  • This what I want to experiment with. Leveraging my webcam and a microphone, I want to see how easily we can work together for a remote teaching experience. I have no idea how well this will work... 
  • But the premise is cool, because everyone who joins the hangout will be able to see each other, hear each other and I am hoping that it enables everyone to share together.
  • If it works, then I'll setup a hangout for predefined times of the week when I can be available to help you improve your playing.
Who's in?