Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend Events: July 12 - 13, 2008

NOTE: We now have the new calendar online, you can check out the calendar here: Northern California Flute Circle Calendar to see what's happening further out, but I encourage you to login every week to review what's coming up for the weekend events!
Native American Flute related events and other World music events happening in Northern California are posted on the Naflute calendar.

NOTE: If I missed an event for the weekend, please add a comment with event info so that others can know!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

NEW NCFC Membership Features

We are excited to announce the launch of the Northern California Flute Circle interactive calendar and NCFC discussion groups powered by CollectiveX. These new online features will enable our regional flute circle leaders to manage their own calendar events, making the NCFC calendar more accurate and timely for you.

The online discussion groups will be your place to ask questions/get answers, learn more about the NAF, find unique places to play in Northern California, find others in your area to jam with, and interact across the miles (especially with gas prices where they are).

NCFC Calendar

Anyone can view the new NCFC calendar, you do not need to have an online membership to view events. Here's the link for the calendar:
The calendar is now maintained by the regional flute circle leaders, so please contact your regional flute circle leader to inquire about local events.

Online Membership

You will need an online membership to participate in the discussion groups. This online membership is optional, and electronic invites will go out to existing NCFC members after the July 4th holiday weekend. Or you can login and request a membership before then. We hope that you'll join the online NCFC Community and help make this a thriving part of our organization. Here's the link:

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy July 4th

I wish everyone a happy and healthy July 4th. Where ever you are today, take a moment, grab a flute, and play a little music to send some positive energy to all of the men and women who are serving our country and unable to be home with their families today.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Voice of the Circle Summer 2008 Newsletter

The NCFC Voice of the Circle Summer 2008 newsletter is now online in electronic form (PDF).

This edition includes a special interview with Mary Youngblood (part 1), plus other news and events coming up this summer and fall.

We will be mailing the newsletter to current members after the July 4th holiday weekend.

Here's a link to the newsletter:

The Montana Flute Listserv celebrates 10 years

It was 10 years ago today, July 2, 1998, that Wolf Spirit (Dave) created the Montana Flute Circle's listserv. In the early days this listserv the first and then one of the most popular listserv's which enabled communication between fluties far and wide.

Kudo's to Dave for moderating this list over the last 10 years.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy About Being a Baby Boomer?

I know that this topic is off-topic for the flute but I have to put a plug in for one of my favorite graduate school instructors, who's also an awesome author. I guess the tie in here is that since you're all gonna be living longer and playing the flute longer, you better make sure that you're financially stable into those later years!!

I wanted to tell you about the release of the latest book by Cathy Kitcho titled: "Happy About Being a Baby Boomer - Facing our Newfound Longevity."
This is a unique book that focuses on the impact of longevity on lifestyle and cost of living. This book will kick-start Baby Boomers into facing longevity NOW to create a realistic plan for the future, using an expense-based approach to retirement planning.
This is a very practical workbook to use for planning and decision-making, with up-to-date information and examples.
Cathy has a website and blog setup so that you can continue to learn more about this topic as things change over time. Here's her website: