Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy About Being a Baby Boomer?

I know that this topic is off-topic for the flute but I have to put a plug in for one of my favorite graduate school instructors, who's also an awesome author. I guess the tie in here is that since you're all gonna be living longer and playing the flute longer, you better make sure that you're financially stable into those later years!!

I wanted to tell you about the release of the latest book by Cathy Kitcho titled: "Happy About Being a Baby Boomer - Facing our Newfound Longevity."
This is a unique book that focuses on the impact of longevity on lifestyle and cost of living. This book will kick-start Baby Boomers into facing longevity NOW to create a realistic plan for the future, using an expense-based approach to retirement planning.
This is a very practical workbook to use for planning and decision-making, with up-to-date information and examples.
Cathy has a website and blog setup so that you can continue to learn more about this topic as things change over time. Here's her website:

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