Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Musical Echos coming up this weekend

I wanted to take a moment to send out best wishes to two of our own who are heading out to the Musical Echos event this weekend in Florida.

Of course, Mary Youngblood is performing at the event. It has become an annual 'pilgrammage' of sorts for Mary, and all those who love her music on the East Coast. We're fortunate to have Mary here with us, and lucky enough to experience her live performances several times a year. I wish Mary nothing but the best at this years event.

Also, this year Frankie Sierra, leader of the Bay Clan, was invited to Musical Echos to compete in the flute players competition. We wish Frankie all the best, and we'll be with him in spirit as he performs on stage. I know that Frankie will make us all proud of the talent we have here on the west coast.

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