Monday, April 21, 2008

NCFC Spring Gathering 2008: Igor Sedor

We're less than a week away from the second annual NCFC/NoNahme Spring Gathering in Georgetown, CA. To highlight the event, I thougth that I would feature a short introduction or review of each of the vendors who will be selling flutes next weekend. There will be a lot of other vendors with awesome crafts for sale, far too many for me to talk about each of them. But since I know personally, or know of all of the flutemakers, I thought that I would spend a few moments letting you know what's in store so that you bring a few extra bucks with you, just in case...

I met Igor Sedor for the first time at the NCFC Spring Gathering last year. He lives near Las Vegas, NV and drove over with a caravan of folks from the Las Vegas Clan of Loping Wolf. He had a handful of his wonderful flutes with him last year, and I expect that he'll have even more this year. Be sure to stop by his booth and/or the Loping Wolf Tent and check out his handiwork.

For a complete list of vendors, check out the festival page:
Don't forget that the NCFC/NoNahme Spring Flute Festival is April 26-27, 2008, in Georgetown, CA. 8 AM - 6 PM each day

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