Monday, April 28, 2008

How To: Hank Drum Building Instructions

So it seems that my "Hank Drum" was a big hit at the Flute Festival this weekend. I had lot's and lot's on inquiries on how to build one, so that I thougtht that I would add a post here with a link to the building instructions on my other blog.

First of all, I want to thank Rick Dunlop and Steven DeRuby for joining me on stage during the open mic session on Saturday. It was a wonderful jam, and one that I'll remember for a long time. I pulled the Hank Drum out at the campfire on Friday evening and Rick (who was camping next to me) was immediately drawn to the drum. He started tooling around on it, and I grabbed a D flute and played with him. It was awesome. The next day, I encouraged Rick to take the drum to his booth and play around with it. Well, it was a great spot for folks to check out the drum. I came down later in the morning and Steven encouraged me to try playing with one of his new low D drones. WOW! Sounded great. I was playing with Rick when Stephen joined in on a diatonic C Major flute and we were all amazed. So I asked both Steven and Rick to join me for open mic!

The drums are not difficult to make if you own a jigsaw and dremel. (and a big pipe wrench) The empty propane tanks cost between $20 & $30 (buy a brand new empty one ONLY). You'll need a digital tuner as well.

Here's the link with instructions:

Please send me pictures or video if you make one using the instructions! I'll keep posting more articles as the tradition continues!!

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