Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scott August Signature Anasazi Flute

Scott August is proud to announce the Scott August Signature Anasazi Flute and the Scott August Anasazi Flute. These professional quality instruments are made by Geoffrey Ellis of Earth Tone Flutes and are perfect for both beginning and advanced players. Ideal for concert stage, recording studios or just nodding around alone as you discover your true Kokopelli.

Scott recorded several tunes on his latest CD: Lost Canyons, on the Anasazi flute. So if you have fallen in love with the sound of this instrument on Scott's recordings, then it's time now to own one for your very own.

Scott and Geoffrey worked closely together to construct a flute that had the distinctive warm, low sound that Scott strives for in his recordings while still keeping ease of playing in mind. Several prototypes were constructed and extensively tested. The final designs were then field tested by members of Scott's beginning Anasazi flute class before Scott and Geoffrey made their final decision. The result is a warm, resonant low tone with a silky smooth response.

To satisfy both the collector and the everyday flute player these flutes will be available in two lines: The Scott August Signature Ansazi Flute and The Scott August Anasazi Flute Series.

Shown below is the Scott August Signature Anasazi Flute.

  • Note that the design on the is inlaid turquoise. Each year a different design will be created and produced.
  • Price: $350.00
  • One of 25 Signed and numbered flutes. Keys available: Ab and A
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity, a bag and maintenance kit

Shown below is the is the Scott August Anasazi Flute Series

  • Price: $220.00.
  • Keys available: Ab and A. Other keys to be anounced.
  • Comes with a bag and maintenance kit

Only twenty five signature flutes will be offered per year, each year will its own distinct design. Made of eastern red cedar The Scott August Signature Anasazi Flute is tastefully accented with a crushed turquoise Cedar Mesa Music logo and Bore Rings in a style reminiscent of Chaco Canyon jewelry. Each flute will be signed by Scott August, Numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity, a bag and maintenance kit.

For more information, and to order one for yourself, click here: http://www.cedarmesa.com/news/eftm_spring_08.html#sigflute

Upcoming Anazasi Workshop

Scott is teaching a beginning Anasazi flute class at the upcoming NCFC/NoNahme Spring Flute Festival on April 26-27, 2008. He'll also be performing in a concert on Saturday afternoon. This event will be held in Georgetown, CA.

For more details about the event, check out the NCFC Calendar online: http://www.naflute.com/calendar.html


RavenClaw said...

I am scheduled both for the Georgetown workshop and to get one of Scott's flutes. Geoffrey is going to try and get a batch out to the festival for Scott to have available for sale. I am quite excited, needless to say :)

Anonymous said...

Scott August is amazing. I pray for an Scott August Anasazi Signature Flute this year. I'm so hooked! vtxrider3@msn.com and Youtube "vtxrider3"