Monday, April 14, 2008

New Stephen DeRuby Deep Mystic Flutes

Stephen DeRuby has announced the availability of a new line of flutes which he is calling his "Deep Mystic Flute" line. Stephen is using a fipple design which is similar to that which he pioneered with the design of his gypsy flute. Stephen has also engineered these deeper sounding flutes to have closer finger spacing, which should make it easy to play, by more folks. This new, easy to play design is called: "EZ-Reach". For complete spec's on these new flutes, click on this link:

There are several styles of flutes available:

  • Low D, C#, B in Pentatonic Minor scale
  • Low D, D#, B drone in Pentatonic Minor scale (shown in picture above)
  • Low C in Diatonic Major scale
  • Contrabass F#, E in Pentatonic Minor

Stephen will have an inventory of this new flute line for sale at the upcoming NCFC / NoNahme Clan Spring Flute Gathering on April 26-27, 2008. Be sure to stop by his booth and check out the flute!

1 comment:

RavenClaw said...

I really want to get that Cmaj!

I have a feeling I will be coming home from the Spring Flute Festival broke ;).