Monday, August 14, 2006

Xavier's Clay Flutes

I don't know about others who had the chance to attend INAFA, but I was entranced by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl's clay creations (BTW - his last name is pronounced "Icks-eye-oat-ill").

Xavier had his personal flutes on display at his vendor booth, and I took a moment to take some pictures of the 'faces' on his personal flute collection. In concert, Xavier stated that he put's a face on each of his flutes, to give them a voice and a personality. Each is indeed the face of the flute. Xavier is a wonderful showman, teacher, elder and a very humble guy.

Here's picture of Xavier's vendor table at INAFA. The (now) infamous fire flute is shown in the center of this picture:

Here's a picture of one of Xaviers statue or vessel flutes. It's like a ocarina, only deeper. You can see more examples on Xaviers website:

This face is from the fire flute:

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