Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Pictures from the INAFA Concert - Saturday

Hovia Edwards (pronounced "who-via" not "How-via") was one of the best performers of the week. She was honored to be picked to represent her tribe as a flute player during the Salt Lake City Olympic opening ceremonies. She provided a welcome balance the list of performers this week (in my opinion). She is just getting back into performing after taking 2 years off of her recording and performance career, so look for great things from her in the future. (I love this picture, with the rattle caught in motion):

Here's a few shots of Jeff Ball on stage during his set:

Geoffrey Ellis shows off the signature flute which will be auctioned off on the 'soon to open' (check it out in a few week, I'll be blogging about it when it goes live):

R.Carlos Nakia headlined the evening with a variety of flutes:

R. Carlos Nakai plays a song on a nose flute flute:

R. Carlos Nakia on stage during his performance:

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Chris And Pauline said...

Love all the pictures, stories and comments about all the flute makers and players. I hope that I could have been there to hear Leonard jam in the hall.

It was nice to see Lynn Peck my sister jamming as well. I almost did not recognize her. I thought she was Nancy Pospishek. :o)

Lynn thanks for your comments. I could visualize the happenings there.

It was great that Mac Lopez was there. That boy always have awesome flutes to share. That Gourd flute was absolutely beautiful. Never seen anything like it before. Leave it to Mac and Brigette. Did anyone get a chance to play it? I know if Pauline and I was there, we sure would have asked Mac if we could play it. lol

Like Lynn said, get a flute in peoples hands that do not know anything about the NAF. We that have flutes, should share and play for others. Bring the beauty of music in their lives. The flute circles are what it is all about, this is how we all learn. Be Ambassadors of the NAF and bring newbies to flute circles all over the world. Play, Play, Share, Share.

I heard people really wanted to see and play a Woodsong flute. Well, they are still out there. Geri Littlejohn is still making flutes and they are as sweet as ever. So share your Woodsong or your Green Grass flutes with others and let them play them. Pauline and I would have never had a Woodsong flute if it were not for Lee Johnson and Mac Lopez,or Geri and Hawk Littlejohn. They let us play them as much as we wanted.

So try to do the same for others that have not played one before. There are so many flute makers that make awesome flutes. Pauline and I try to share all our flutes with others when they come and see us. Like I said, be the Ambassador of the NAF, Share, Share, Share.

Much Love To All,
Chris and Pauline

Much Love,