Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happenings from INAFA - Day 1

Well it's after midnight, and I am finally home from the event. Most of today was dedicated to the arrival of folks from all over. The only two events for today were the opening of the vendor area and the evening concert featuring Xavier Quijas Xyayotl and the Vince Redhouse Group.

First let's talk about the evening concert. Xavier (shown at the right) opened the evening with some awesome music. He played the drums, rattles and the flute all at the same time. Xavier is a gifted musician and a consumate showman. He completely entertained the audience. With his music and his stories of ancient Mexico and how he can to resurrect the Mayan clay instruments. The only downside was that the Belmont fire marshall refused to let Xavier play his trademark "fire flute". This is the first event at which Xavier was been restricted from playing the fire flute, and while he took it in good spirits, this event will go down in history.

Next on stage was the Vince Redhouse Group. Vince is a classically trained jazz musician who discovered the Native American flute late in life and in his musical career. Vince played classical and jazz music from the NAF which I've never heard played on the NAF before and his cross fingering was awazing to witness. Vince was backed up by a guitarist, a bass player and his brother on drums.
Vince definitely wow'ed the crowd with his vituosity for the instrument. A set which I'll long remember.

So make sure that if you have the opportunity, get down here to Belmont for one or all of the remaining concerts.

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