Saturday, August 05, 2006

INAFA Happenings - Day 3

Wow. Another busy day at INAFA. I am lamenting that I haven't had as much time to play as I had hoped. I've got some more pictures of some of the bigger events. But I plan to get some more personal pictures over the next couple days, and I hope to jam more.

We started the day with a workshop by Dr Ron Warren on the vocabulary of the flute. He talked about the sounds of the flute and how to leverage them in creating your music.

The next workshop that I attended was by RuthiE Nielen and Jan Rice on "Living With Dying Expressively, Using the Flute in Hospice and in Hospitals". After my experience of last night, visiting the VA Hospice unit, this was a very touching presentation. I especially enjoyed RuthiE's energy and she related stories about her experience with playing music for hospice.

After lunch came one of the workshop that I had personally been waiting for, Ash Dargen presentation on the Didjeridoo. Ash is a great storyteller, a great showman and a great presenter. He entertained us with many stories and he demonstrated Didj technics:

Here's a picture of our very own Dawn King, as a Ash uses her to demonstrate a technique:

After the INAFA presentation, came the real fun as several of us had contacted Ash for a private Didj lesson:

Here's picture of me and Ash after the lesson, I am smiling because I can now circular breathe with the best of them...

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