Friday, April 28, 2006

Nammy Nomination for Scott August and New Fire

I wanted to send a congratulations out to our good friend, Scott August. His excellent album "New Fire" has been selected for a Nammy in the Native Heart catagory. I wonder if the Nammy Board of Directors has been reading my blog... I've had "New Fire" on my recommended listening (see the left side of the blog) for the last 6 months. It's a great album.

You can find a listing of this years Nammy nominations here.

Admittedly I am torn this year, it's tough decision for me between Scott August's album and Elysium Calling's album in this category. They are both great albums, great artists and I listen to both on a weekly basis. I count Scott, Kenneth and Garth all as great friends.

Alas, I can't make a decision yet. I expect that any of you who own both albums from these artists are in the same dilemma. If you don't own these albums, then you are really missing some great Native American Flute music.

The folks who attended last falls NCFC camping trip had the awesome opportunity to hear Elysium Calling play live on Friday night and then spend the day in a workshop with Scott August on Saturday, followed by an evening concert with Scott. WOW, it's fun to think back to that weekend.

Anyhow, regardless of who wins the Nammy this year, the nomination of both Scott August and Elysium Calling validates what we (in California) have known for some time, and that's that we have some great talent on the West Coast!!

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