Sunday, April 02, 2006

AmerIndian 2192

I just finished listening to the podiobook: AmerIndian 2192, written by J. Scott Garbay.

AmerIndian 2192 is a science-fiction novel that explores the intriguing possibilities of Native Americans in mankind's star flung future. AmerIndian 2192 presents the story of two brothers, Wovoka and Keokuk, restoring the Native American people to a Homeland where their vibrant culture can thrive. Lodge ships, Cybershaman rituals and Tsimshian high technology are all elements in this action-oriented tale of interstellar politics and personal struggles.

I chose to listen to this podiobook first of all because of my love of science fiction, and second of all because of my love of Native American culture. This book, set in the future, has an interesting plot line and character development. I listened to new chapters each week during my weekly commute to the bay area and it made the commute pass quickly. The story had plenty of spaceships, political intrigue, cyber shamanism and cultural relevance. The story is read by J. Scott’s wife Leanne, and she does a great job with the reading. I could tell that she improved her skill as the story reading progressed.
Overall, this was an enjoyable podiobook. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction and Native American culture. It is a one of a kind story, as far I am aware. You can down load the MP3 files to your computer and listen to them, you can burn a CD an listen that way, or your download it to your iPod or MP3 player.

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