Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Valley Clan / NCFC Rafting Trip

Dear River Rafters of all persuasions -

Lynn Peck has chosen the weekend of Aug 9 and 10 for a river excursion. We'll do a one day raft trip on the American River on Sunday Aug 10. This means arrival by 8am at the OARS sight. For those with more time, we can do a wine tasting on Saturday afternoon, dinner at a place in Coloma and sleep at the OARS sight with a campfire and music. If you'd rather sleep in a bed, Coloma may have accommodations and Placerville or Auburn aren't too far away. Sunday evening you can return home or stay another night for more camping and music.

Price for a one day trip is $144 (134 for youth). This includes incredible guides (namely Lynn's daughter!) a delicious deli style lunch, all gear and a full day of rafting.

Camping is $14 per person per night.

What you need to do to go:

1. RSVP to Lynn Peck so she can do the planning. Tell her how much of the weekend you want to do - wine tasting, camping, rafting, Sunday camping.
2. Email Deryn with your height, weight, gender, and age. Let her know if you are paying by check or credit card. And phone number so she or office staff can follow up with any questions they might have.

Check the OARS sight for more info
Check Sierra Nevada House for accommodations in Coloma
Check Eldorado Wineries for possible wine tasting. Possibly, Gold Hill and David Girard as they are the closest. Lynn will take care of calling for a group visit if you want to go.

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