Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking forward to meeting all of you.

I will be at the upcoming NCFC Summer Gathering where we'll be celebrating Mary Youngbloods Birthday this Saturday, June 21, 2008. I hope that I get a chance to met each of you in person. Please find some time to chat or play flutes while we're at the event!

I'll be teaching a Beginners Workshop in the morning. This is a great workshop to learn the basics. Also, if you are starting to teach others to play, I welcome anyone to sit in as a teaching assistant.

Lisa Halpin will be teaching a workshop on how to play Duets. Lisa is an awesome teacher and she's great at improvising. If you've always wanted to play a duet with another flute player, this is a great way to start. The workshop will be packed with tips and techniques.

Don Shultz is presenting a all-day workshop on drum building. Anyone can build a drum, and if you've ever wanted to build your own hoop drum, this is a great opportunity. Although the workshop starts early, there will be breaks during the process where you'll have the chance to socialize and play flutes throughout the day.

Mary Youngblood will be presenting a very special workshop on performance techniques. How often do you get the chance to learn how to become a better performer by learning from the experiences of a two-time Grammy winner?

WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 2008
TIME: 10 AM p 6 PM
WHERE: Sacramento Area (RSVP for exact details)
RSVP: send an email to: rsvp AT naflute DOT com

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Fallenleaf said...

What a Powerful day. The Summer Equinox, Mary Youngblood's Birthday and The Gathering of One. The energy is going to be contagious, exhilirating, connected. In fact this is a one and only event if you understand how it all will tie in together.
Happy Birthday Mary Youngblood!
When the Student is ready.....
The Teacher will appear!