Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Memories from Mary's Birthday Party

We had an awesome time on Saturday with Mary Youngblood and one hundred of her friends. Sure it was hot and muggy, but I didn't notice the heat until I felt my exhaustion on Sunday. The workshops were great, the open mic music was fun to listen to and there was a ton of time to just sit and chat with Mary and everyone else who attended.

After the flute circle events, we had a potluck dinner with so much food, that I think we could have fed another hundred people. We sang Happy Birthday to Mary and then she cut the cake for everyone to enjoy.

After the cake, Dan DiCicco kicked off the evening by reading a special memory from Lew Price which was submitted to the memory book which Dan compiled from the contributions of various friends and flute circle members. Mary was clearly touched by everyone's contributions, and to me this was the best part of the evening.

[to be continued]

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