Monday, November 05, 2007

Autumns Child Christmas Album: The Greatest Gift Now Available

Mark Holland and Autumns Child have released their Christmas album. It's filled with your favorite Christmas tunes, as interpreted by Autumns Child. Mark plays the Native American Flute masterfully and has orchestrated the rest of the instruments for a perfect blend. Here is a listing of some of the instruments used on various tracks on this recording: Native American Flutes, Guitars, Cello, Harp, Bass, Piano, Pedal Steel Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Gourd Water Drum, Hang Drum, Udu, Darbukka, Doumbek, Duduk, Daf, Setar.

You can listen to samples on the Autumns Child website.

Here's a list of the songs on the album:

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