Friday, August 10, 2007

Panart Hang instrument for bid on Ebay

I know that many of you have been fortunate to play or hear Frankie's Hang instument at one of the NCFC flute circle gatherings. If you're like me, and have fallen in love with this instrument then you know that they are extremely rare and difficult to purchase (more on my journey to purchase my own Hang in a future blog entry). Anyhow, I noticed that there is one for bid on Ebay if you're interested, the last bid was over $2300, but considering that they cost at least $1800 AND you have to travel to Switzerland to purchase one, this is still a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I don't have an extra couple of grand laying around at the moment, so this one isn't destined to be mine... but maybe it's in your future!

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MikeO said...

Final winning bid price was: $5,900!!