Friday, August 31, 2007

Album Review: Michael Jacobs

A few days ago, I posted a article about the Nammy awards. In that article I briefly mentioned a new Native American artist, Michael Jacobs that I discovered after listening to all of the nominated artists for the Nammys. Well, I subsequently downloaded several of Michael Jacobs songs from iTunes and I've been listening to them for the last couple of days. I have to say that I am really hooked on his music.

He has a sort of Don Henley-isk feel to his singing and music, and his songs have a real spirituality to them. I would highly recommend his music if you like this sort of folksy, rock genre.

There are several tracks with Native American Flute on them, but since I didn't purchase the CD I don't have the liner notes, so I don't know who played the flute for these tracks. I am not sure if Michael is a flute player or not.

Here's a few of my favorite tracks:

  • Tsiquaya - excellent flute track

  • Stronger - An awesome love ballad. You have to listen for yourself to determine who the story is about.

  • The Sacred Way - A great song about living your live in a sacred way

  • Inside of you - A catchy tune with acoustic guitar and flute. About growing up.

  • Heal the land - Michael sounds most like Don Henley on this song. The song is about the title.

  • Sky Woman - a nice ballad about the myth of Sky Woman

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