Saturday, August 18, 2007

Julie Surba, Pyrography Artist

I have to admit that I stumbled into Julie Surba's site and I was amazed to browse her pyrography work. She has taken the art of wood burning (pyrography) to new places. Her artwork is inspired by the almost forgotten culture of Ancient Kuzhebar (Siberia), that is why her objects often represent the unique world-picture of aboriginal inhabitants of Ancient Kuzhebar. I find her artwork fascinating.

Her work is more relief carving than the traditional woodburning artwork I have seen done prior. She essentually uses the woodburning tool to remove material by burning it away. The results are simply amazing.

She has done several instruments, including frame drums. But I can only wonder what this would look like on a Native American flute? Unfortunately she lives in Europe, so it not likely that we're going to see a Native American Flute with her artwork on it anytime soon.

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