Monday, July 09, 2007

Utah 2007: A Personal Journey, The Flute Store

In the middle of Utah, just off of Highway 12, before it joins Highway 24 (near Torrey UT and Capitol Reef National Park) I was drawn like a moth to this HUGE Native American Flute outside of The Flute Store run by Vance and Elaine Morrell.

They are fortunate to have a great location, right on highway 12. We stopped and checked out the store, and I chatted with Elaine for a long time. Vance keeps his flute workshop right on the property and the store was stocked with Vance's flutes (as well as a few other makers). The store also has a lot of other souvenirs. Turns out that their biggest business isn't the drive by tourists, but rather the wholesale business. They sell a really inexpensive, entry level flute. You can even buy it unfinished (complete, but without finish). This would be a great option for a flute workshop or class with a boy or girl scout troop, camp, kids class. I don't have their wholesale pricelist yet, but Elaine assured me that they can deliver their entry level flutes, in volume purchase, for less than $20 each. So if you are looking for an inexpensive solution for an upcoming workshop you are presenting, I encourage you to contact Elaine and Vance.

Of course, they also make highend flutes and Elaine is a wonderful woodburn artist (although you won't find this service published on the pricelist, so you need to ask Elaine personally to woodburn a flute for you...)

Here's their contact info:

The Flute Store
Vance & Elaine Morrill
P: 435-425-3144
E: vancem AT scinternet DOT net

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