Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Utah 2007: College of Eastern Utah

One of the serendipidous side trips on our Utah adventure was on the road from Moab to Salt Lake City, as we drove through the town of Price, UT. It was about 3 hours into the trip that day, when we hit Price and saw the billboard advertising the "Prehistoric Museum" at the College of Eastern Utah (CEU). Well the kids were ready for a break so we stopped.

But the dinosaur bones aren't the story here, I walked in and was blown away to find an exhibit highlighting the recent discovery of a 200 year old Native American Flute which was found in the southwest. WOW. I posted about this discovery in an earlier post this year, but I hadn't planned this into our trip...

Below are some pictures of the exhibit. They don't have the actual flute on display, but a replica was produced to show what the flute might have looked like. The actual artifact is in a couple pieces, so it will never be playable. CEU has the curator rights to the flute, although the research is being done by a group in Moab.


Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if enough measurements could be taken of the flute so that a playable replica might be made. Xray and laser measurement techniques could be employed.

MikeO said...

Actually, the museum has a playable replica on display. It was made from measurements from the flute. It is very similar to the Anazasi flutes (end blown) that Coyote Oldman and others are reviving now.