Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kudos to Loping Wolf

It's been a week since the winter gathering hosted by the Loping Wolf Clan, and I finally have a moment to post a huge THANK YOU to Dan, Sheree, Dick, Sue, and all of the Loping Wolf member for their awesome spirit, generosity, planning and execution of their first Winter Gathering event. Be sure to check out the Loping Wolf webpage for pictures to be posted soon (well, as soon as Dan and Sheree get caught up on a little sleep...)

Look's like they may have set the standard for what I hope will become a quarterly event around the NCFC. At this event, the Nonahme Clan announced that they are going to host a Spring Gathering in Garden Valley, so stay tuned for that events (details coming as soon as they pick a date). I expect that we'll have other Gathering's hosted around the region as we finalize the 2007 NCFC calendar.

Anyhow, last weekend was a wonderful time. It was rainy and cold, but that didn't dampen anyone's spirit. There were several vendor's in attendence, including flutemakers Jim Pappas and John Lundren. The food was awesome. But the highlight of the day was an improvization workshop presented by Mary Youngblood. I think that everyone who attended the workshop came away with some great tips from Mary.

I was very excited to have Mary Youngblood play "Happy Birthday" to me on the flute. It was a great day all around.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike, you are TOO kind. You did not mention that, at our Winter Gathering, we kinda forgot to play flutes 'n' drums - one of the main reasons we get together. I mean, Mary's workshop played flutes, but the Flute 'n' Drum Circle portion did not happen. So, let's not hope we set the standard - until we squeeze the flutes 'n' drums in amongst the food, the raffle, the workshop and the vendors. Robin and Ricardo were also instrumental, along with Dick 'n Sue, and Sheree and me in getting our Winter Gathering to happen. But actually, from a more cosmic viewpoint, it was US - all of us who attended, and who wanted to attend, who "did" everything.

Today, as we all get ready for other seasonaly activities, we are all going through withdrawal - so, even though our flute 'n' drum calendar is blank (ALL our energy went into Dec 9 & 10), we are building up steam for more of these encredible happenings. We received more T-shirts, more flutes are coming, and The Spirit of the Flute continues to bless us all. What a ride this is, Mike. Thank you for your support, guidance and energy.

of Loping Wolf

MikeO said...

I wanted to add thanks to Robin for her contribution and wonderful spirit of hospitality during the event. And I want to also thank Ricardo for his opening prayer and blessing.