Saturday, November 04, 2006

StoryCorps - recording stories of America

This post is completely unrelated to Native American Flute or music for that matter, but I think that it's pretty cool, so I wanted to let you all know about it...

I was in NYC on business several weeks ago and I had the chance to visit the WTC site. (I am still working on a post about my experience there). At the WTC site there a perminate StoryCorps booth. I was really intrigued by the mission of StoryCorps to capture stories about everyday people, record them and archive them. In reality this is a national oral history project. This idea has become especially important to me as my parents are aging and I only have a few 'great' aunts and uncles left and my wife's grandmother is still going strong in her 80's.

StoryCorps provides a Do It Yourself guide, which includes a sample interview guide, as well as the opportunity to sponsor an outpost in your community or a Door-to-door project in your workplace or community.

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