Sunday, November 19, 2006

Native American Flutes for sale

I wanted to post about several flutes for sale. First of all, I've posted several classified ads on the NAFLUTE website for both Dan Ricketts and James Bonacci. They both have several flutes for sale. You find the classifieds here:
If you would like to post something for sale on the classifieds, drop me a line, it's free for members and a small fee for commercial postings (i.e. flutemakers).

Also, I saw that Carl Bludts posted one of his Hawk Littlejohn drones today. This is an opportunity to own a rare flute, but you better act fast. Carl is the author of several songbooks, inclueding one of my favorites: The Four Directions, so you can trust his (I'll vouch for him). Here's the link to the auction:

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