Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Upcoming Loping Wolf Drum and Flute Circle

Just got the info on the upcoming Drum and Flute Circles from Dan DiCicco:

Once again, the combined Drum and Flute Circles will be October 29 at The Bear River Campground just west of Colfax California, Planet Earth, 11:00 AM until the cows come home.


"Everything but the kitchen sink", and Drums, Flutes, Rattles, Stories, drinks (stay sober), blankets for the ground, folding tables, chairs and FOOD to share (Actually, almost EVERYTHING ends up being shared....)

Also, bring EVERYBODY you can muster - Elders, Stan Padilla, Mary Youngblood, Aunts, Uncles, Parents, Kids, ANYBODY! Feel free to pass this information on to all beings....

We will have some flutes you can use (or buy) and some T-shirts you can buy. (As of "press time", it does not look like JP Gomez's 2nd order of "A" flutes will be here, but we can always "put it out there", and it just may happen. One of our stories may include how we "put it out there" last Saturday, with startling results....)

WEATHER ? The campground is outside, so dress appropriately. (If the weather is really rotten, there are these GREAT concrete toilet rooms....)

[ ] From Auburn CA, take I-80 East toward Colfax about 14 miles.
[ ] Take the CANYON WAY exit - EXIT 133. (If you hit Colfax proper and the Hwy 174 turnoff, you went too far.)
[ ] Turn LEFT onto CANYON WAY, and go less than .1 mile to "ILLINOISTOWN ROAD"? (That's what Mapquest says, but it's the road that turns left up back over the freeway.)
[ ] On the other side of the freeway, turn LEFT onto PLACER HILLS ROAD (or S. Auburn Street?)
[ ] Keep going PAST the Westbound Freeway o nramp, (do NOT take it, unless you want to go back to Auburn) and continue on along a slightly winding road for a little over a half mile and cross under the railroad tracks through a ridiculously narrow and short tunnel.
[ ] Just through the sorry excuse for a tunnel, turn LEFT to stay on PLACER HILLS ROAD and go about .7 mile.

[ ] You will come along to parallel the railroad tracks on your left, and a sign that says "Bear River Campground" that points down PLUMTREE ROAD. If you hit Cedar Valley Road or Mount Hood Road while you are still on Placer Hills Road, you went too far.
[ ] OK, traveling down Plumtree Road and/or Campground Road, after about 1.3 miles, you will come to the picnic grounds on your left. We will be another .3 mile at the camping part, also on your left. LOOK FOR THE LOPING WOLF BANNER.

If you get lost, call Dan on his cell (see below). He will not know where you are, but you will be able to hear us....

Now, you can Google a map for yourself, or go to Mapquest for a STUPID list of everything BUT Bear River Campground near Colfax CA. Dan had to settle for "Bear River Canal: Colfax CA US, which will get you very very near the campground.

Let Dan & Sherree know if you want a ride, and they will try to hook you up with somebody. Contact: -Dan & Sheree DiCicco of Loping Wolf Clan
(530) 613-4197 cell

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