Monday, October 16, 2006

Didj Workshop with Ash Dargan

I really want to encourage you to attend the didj workshop with Ash Dargan, coming up next Sunday afternoon. Especially if you have never played the didj before.

I first discovered the didj 2 years before I discovered the Native American flute. I made my first several didj's out of plastic PVC pipe, which is an affordable way to play. But once I discovered the flute, i found myself playing the didj less and less. That is until earlier this year, when I decided to purchase a brand new Ben Hicks didj from the Didjeridoo Store and I took a private lesson with Ash during the INAFA convention. WOW! In that one hour, Ash provided me with some tips and tricks for circular breathing and I am now 'over the edge' with my circular breathing. I have been performing on didj for one song with my Taiko Drumming group since two weeks after I returned from the INAFA convention in August, and I have played it at 4 performances since then.

So the bottom line is this: if you have the time and the interest, I highly encourage you to check out this workshop with Ash, it's a rare opportunity to learn from a true aboriginal and highly skilled and personable teacher.

For more information check out the NCFC Calendar.

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