Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Upcoming Bay Clan Flute Circle

There is also a flute circle happening in the Bay Area this weekend:

EVENT: October Bay Clan Flute Circleand Halloween Flute Costume Parade
DATE: Sunday, October 29th, 2006
TIME: 3 to 5 pm
LOCATION: San Jose (Please contact Frankie Sierra for details)
HOSTS: Martin Belef and Cheryl Valdin
ORGANIZER: Frankie Sierra 1-408-242-6464, f dot sierra at comcast dot net

3:00 PM: Flute costume showcase and open mic.
4:00 PM: BBQ, or Potluck if rainy, plus more fluting

1. Flute costume showcase (be creative and dressup a flute with a favorite theme of yours).Got a favorite tune? Dress up your flute with the theme of that tune! Or do you have a favorite show, or character? Then this is a good opportunity to learn a new tune to play with your flute in costume.

WHAT TO BRING: At least one flute in costume (no need for player to dress up unless you really want to). Plan to bring some side dish for the BBQ, if it looks like it may rain the we switch to Potluck instead and bring some dish to share.

Holiday season approaching. Last year we performed some caroling at the Children's hospital. It is time to start thinking asimilar activity for this year.

Contact Frankie for directions.

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