Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Renaissance of the Native American Flute 2006

Ken Light sent along the following invitation. Since I first heard zbout the RNAF 10 years ago when I started my path with the flute, I have wanted to attend. There are many annual flute gatherings happening throughout the year and throughout the US, but this is the one which spawned them all.

"The Renaissance of the Native American Flute - with R.Carlos Nakai, Ken Light, and John Sarantos June 17-24, 2006 Feathered Pipe Ranch Helena, Montana - 15 Year Reunion, 1992-2006
Join us this summer for our 15th Annual Renaissance of the Native American Flute Workshop and Returnee's Reunion. This week-long flute educational experience is well-known as North America's premier native flute event. Nakai and Light, in addition to their world-class work in flutemaking and performance, combine over 60 years experience as professional educators. Since 1992, these two former classroom teachers have developed and refined a curriculum as the foundation for what has become known as the finest nA flute educational event on the planet.In conjunction with reunion activities bringing together an awesome collection of returning talent, Light and Nakai will be teaching their intensive six-day curriculum. Come prepared to work, but ready for alot of fun! Classes in history and culture, construction and maintenance, basic playing techniques and traditional ornamentations, developing your music in both improvisation and composition, plus classes in designing performances and presentations, working with students, advanced playing secrets, special evening presentations, and much, much more. In addition to the large group lectures and presentations, beginners will find a special group of classes designed just for them. Our third teacher, John Sarantos, a ten-year veteran of the event, will assist Ken and R.C. as special teacher and liason for our newer flute players. You will learn to play the flute and you will have a lot of fun! Plus an opportunity to hang out with the most awesome collection of nA flute energy on the planet. What could be better?
Nakai's advanced mini-course in performance, digital and analog sound systems and more is also offered for qualified flutists and returning workshop participants. An initial interview and demonstration TABlature sight-reading proficiency audition is required for this advanced performance-oriented portion of the workshop. Regardless of your current level of experience, there will always be the path ahead of you on your own flute journey. At RNAF our main goal is to assist you in developing your relationship with the native American flute and to better express yourself with its music. Come!
For registration information, go to website listed below and click on "Workshops".
Thanks, kl.
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