Friday, February 10, 2006

2006 INAFA Convention Workshop

Today, I was honored to be selected to present a workshop at the 2006 INAFA Convention. The working title of my workshop is: "Starting, Marketing and Growing your Flute Circle" and the focus of the workshop will be how to start and grow a flute circle along with lots of ideas for interesting flute circle activities.
I have been fortunate through this blog and the various native american flute listserv's to meet people from all over the world and to share idea's about creating and managing a flute circle. I have also been fortunate to develop friendships with other flute circle leaders including Dan Ricketts, Lynn Peck, Frankie Sierra, Bill Timothy, RuthiE Neilan and Guillarmo Martinez. Of course, I count the experience which I gained first hand from Bob Bellus as key in setting me on my path to lead the Nothern California Flute Circle. Bob Bellus, in my opinion, was really the first true flute circle entrepreneur. Bob demostrated to me what it meant to be an advocate for the growth of the Native American Flute experience. Without Bob's vision and core guidance, the NCFC wouldn't be the organization it is today.
So if you have started, or are thinking about starting a local flute circle, I'd be honored if you would send me your input or questions about the day to day and month to month issues of starting and maintaining your flute circle. Together, we can use this information to pull together a very informative workshop at INAFA.
You can reach me at: mike DOT oitzman AT gmail DOT com

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