Monday, February 13, 2006

NCFC Winter Newsletter is in the mail

The Winter 2006 NCFC newsletter: Voice of the Circle, is now in the mail to NCFC members. The electronic version of the newsletter will be posted soon on the NCFC website.

Note that this mailing includes a 2006 member survey, members have the option to complete either the paper version of the survey or an electronic version of the survey, which will open online on 2/15 (stayed tuned, I'll post a blog entry with the link, once it opens). In the survey are questions about your thoughts for NCFC events this year: the INAFA Convention, the annual NCFC Camping trip, concerts, workshops, etc.

I am looking for an NCFC member who is a graphic artist (with the appropriate software...) to volunteer to help with design activities this year. We need to create a new T-Shirt design and other mechandise elements for the INAFA Convention later this year. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

NCFC members: note that we are redesigning the NCFC Membership badges/cards and we will be sending new membership cards to everyone within the next month or two. Make sure that your membership is current to receive a new membership badge/card.

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