Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mary Youngblood's Birthday Party, 2011

The Northern California Flute Circle and LOPING WOLF – the Lake of the Pines Wood Flute ‘n’ Drum Circle Present a Very Special Annual Event

2011 Birthday Bash
Honoring Two-time GRAMMY Winner and Emmy Nominee MARY YOUNGBLOOD
First Lady of the Flute

WHEN: June 25 2011
TIME: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Set-up at 9:00 am)
WHERE: Fair Oaks CA

Summer is here, and it's time once again to come together to celebrate Mary Youngblood's birthday! There will be plenty of open-mic, jamming, food and Mary will be presenting an “Embellishments” workshop. This is a great opportunity to spend some time with Mary and fellow fluties in celebration of the Native American Flute.

RSVP to Dan DiCicco at (530) 613-4197 or , and he will give you the event address.

  • Please bring some Potluck food to share with everybody.
  • Water will be provided, so juice, tea, soda will be on you - no alcohol, please.
  • Don’t forget to bring your flutes, drumming stuff, and other instruments….
  • A sound system will hopefully be available, as will some outlets.
  • Remember sunscreen and maybe bug spray. Please no 4-leggeds.
  • Please bring a lawn chair, a blanket or mat and a shade canopy if you have one.
  • Mary’s yard is not huge, but you can follow the shade around as the day progresses.

If you want to be a vendor, please let Mary know at (916) 536-1331.

Of course a gift is not required. But if you’d like to gift Mary something, LOPING WOLF will have a Donations jar on their table if you want to contribute, or bring a gift. Thank you.

If you would like to offer Mary a sentiment (see Mary Youngblood Fan Page ), there will be paper at the LOPING WOLF table, or you can bring something with you or e-mail one to Sheree DiCicco at . Thank you.

9:00 am Quiet Arrival and set up
10:00 Welcome and Opening
10:30 Open Mic all day (sign-ups encouraged at LOPING WOLF table)
1:30 “The Song” & Cake
2:00 pm Mary’s workshop “Embellishments” - $45 or 2 for $80 (checks accepted)
5:00 Wrap-up, clean-up and Close

Detail about Mary's Workshop:

In this special workshop, Mary will demonstrate basic Native American flute embellishments and techniques - such as how to pick out the right flute, breath control, and beginning embellishment exercises which will encourage new players to become familiar and comfortable with their flutes.

Mary will also demonstrate more advanced embellishments and techniques such as playing with accompaniment, letting the notes ‘fall’, bending notes, tonguing, scales and vibrato. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to ask Mary questions and see up close and personal, the techniques that she uses in her performances and recordings.

Mary will further discuss how she uses visualization to obtain her musical goals.

As a wrap-up, workshop attendees will have an opportunity to ‘pick Mary’s brain’ about how to further advance their own flute journey.

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