Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flute Haven Native Flute School 2011 Announced

Just a quick note that full information and dates for this year's Flute Haven
Native Flute School are set. The program has been expanded this year, with
six hours of instruction per day and concerts every evening.

All the info, including registrations forms, is on the Flute Haven web site

Clint and Vera Goss are joined by music facilitation pros Eric and Lynn Miller and world percussionist Ron Kravitz.

When: September 13-18, 2011 (Tue eve through Sunday noon)
Where: Phoenixville, PA (near Philadelphia)

Major topics this year include:

  • Performance Techniques: Being comfortable performing; using the mic; effects.
  • Playing with Others: Techniques for playing with a guitar, piano, and percussion.
  • Song Composition: How to structure your song and take your audience on a musical journey.
  • Special Situations: Approaches for memorial services, stage performing, classroom settings, poetry readings, small venues, and many other settings.
  • Flute Circle Activities: Learn a set of activities you can use in your flute circle.
  • Recording Your Sound: From self-contained digital sound recorders to creating your own CD.

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