Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Jam time!

I was searching around on the internet for Jam tracks as part of an upcoming project that I am putting together. (Make sure that you're planning on attending the upcoming Loping Wolf / NCFC Winter gathering in December!). While checking out various sites, I stumbled on this cool site with various jam tracks in what they call the "Jam Machine". So grab your flutes, and don't plan on going to bed until late tonight! (becuase I guarantee that you'll be up late playing with this...)

Key G: http://www.jamcenter.com/jammachineg.html
Try the "Rock" or "Ballad" settings with a E flute
Try the "Funk" or "Blues" settings with a G flute.

Key C: http://www.jamcenter.com/jammachinec.html
Try the "Ballad" or "Major" settings with an A flute

Key A: http://www.jamcenter.com/jammachinea.html
Try the "Jazz", "Blues" or the "Cool" settings with an A flute

Key E: http://www.jamcenter.com/jammachinee.html
Try the "Rock", "Cool" and the "Blues settings with an E flute

If you find other sites, please let me know.

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Warren said...

very cool! thanks for sharing