Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gary Stroutsos has a new website up

Gary Stroutsos has his new website redesign up and running. Check it:


maria said...

Wow thats really lovely, his picture with that instrument is very nice, i m impressed by his pose.Thanks for sharing it with us.

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doug said...

I just re-discovered Gary Stroutsos. Shame on me. I am presently listening to his newest release. Just wonderfu.
I first met Gary about twenty five years ago when he was selling mens clothing at either Klopfensteins or Nordstroms. He worked with a guy name Mark. I was in R.E. then and had to wear a suit and tie every day. Reember buying several from either Gary or Mark.Gary, was not only a good salesman, but had a fantastic sense of humor.
Doug Derr