Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Events: March 14 - 16

You can alway check out the Northern California Flute Circle Calendar to see what's happening further out, but I encourage you to login every week to review what's coming up for the weekend events!

NOTE: If I missed an event for the weekend, please add a comment with event info so that others can know!

Saturday, Mar 15

Sunday, Mar 16



Anonymous said...

Sounds the the NCFC is tremedously growing. What has happen to the Bay Clan? Can't all the Clan's help each other in some way? How about the NCFC or Loping Wolf Clan give it a try. Like the 8,000 drums getting together. How about the strong helping the weak? :-) Why not get 8,000 drums and flutes together to help heal mother earth?

Anonymous said...

I live in California and was part of the Bay Clan. When I would attend the flute circle no one would get up and play their flutes. I have seen people with atleast 10 flutes in their flute bags and no one would play. I would ask people to play with me..but no one would. Isn't the flute circle suppose to be about sharing? Fustrated!

Maybe we need Mary Youngblood to come to our Clan and host an event and try to bring people together?

Mr. Oitzman is there any way you can get Mary Youngblood to come and help the Bay Clan out? We hardly have flute circles anymore. I hope one day all the Clans could come togethr as one.