Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meadowlark Ceramic Flutes by Jon Kulias

WOW. Check out these flutes by Jon Kulias of Meadowlark flutes. I have not played or held one in my hands, but I sure want to. Jon exhibited his flutes at the Potomic Flute festival. Check out all of the amazing works of ark on his website. He also includes a set of pictures highlighting how the flutes are made: http://meadowlarkflutes.com/process.php

Design of the Week Award:

Also, I have to give kudos to the design of the "Fluton" a bean-bag cusion for your flute.

Here's a pic:

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Anonymous said...

Jon Kulias is planning to be at the Zion Flute Festival this year. I got a chance to play a number of his ceramic flutes there last year and was quite impressed. Very nice tone and excellent tuning. I just wasn't in the market for the keys that he had. But they're very nice flutes.