Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Sierra Clan Forming!!

It is with great enthusiasm that we're proud to announce the formation of the new "Sierra Raven Clan" of the Northern California Flute Circle. This clan is led by Cryss Blackwolf and will serve folks in the living near Sonora California.

Cryss has been playing Native American Flute for a while and I met him for the first time at the Moaning Caverns Concert with Mary Youngblood. Moaning Caverns is in Cryss's "backyard" and when he witnessed how many folks attended the event, he was excited about starting a new flute circle in the region. The Sierra Raven Clan held their first small event at Cryss's house earlier this month and is gearing up for their next flute circle. Cryss has also started a website and a blog for the Sierra Raven Clan. We've also setup a page on the NCFC Website for the Sierra Raven Clan, plus you'll find all of their events on the NCFC Calendar page.

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