Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Gift of Vernon

I uploaded a video from the Loping Wolf performance at Auburn Unity Church in September, 2007. This is a song, titled "The Gift of Vernon", which I wrote in memory of Vernon Peckover, my first hospice patient. Vernon and I become friends during his final months at Palo Alto VA Hospice. He was a wonderful man and I was fortunate to share the end of his life with RuthiE Nielson who was his hospice nurse before his transfer to Palo Alto, and who supported me during my time with him. If you know RuthiE then you know what a great champion she is for flute music in Hospice. Thank you Ruthie!

I hope that you all enjoy this performance.

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RavenClaw said...

Mike, this was so very moving for me. I really appreciate that you posted this. When the rhythms of the soul find harmonic resonance with another, it is always for such a brief time it seems, as we truly must walk our own path from here to Beyond. Yet with that brief moment (whether it be for 50 years or merely a day) the time we share in harmonic resonance with another seeds a bond, and creates a common garden that continues to be enjoyed even after one transcends between both individuals, in memory and in the well of inspiration we continue to receive. I am sorry for your loss, but I am also grateful for the bond you developed with Vernon. I know he appreciated that video and that song. I sure did.