Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pray for sunshine this weekend...

According to the weather channel, it (currently) looks like there will be rain on Friday and rain on Sunday, but only cloudy weather on Saturday in Georgetown this weekend. Let's all pray that this pattern holds for the NCFC/NoNahme Clan Flute Festival this weekend.

Alot of folks in the NoNahme Clan and others have put a tremendous amount of their time, sweat and tears into this event that I hope that we have some good weather to enjoy it outside. If the weather does not cooperate, we will still hold the event in the Georgetown High School Gym. Be sure to check Lew Price's website for the latest information up to the day of the event.

I have been really impressed by all of the organization and the leadership of Marion Cole, Lew Price, David Blonski, Mignon Geli and the NoNahme Clan. They are putting together a great event for all of you to enjoy this weekend.

Lew's website: http://www.softcom.net/users/greebo/festival.htm

What: NoNahme Clan Flute Festival
When: Saturday, April 21
Time: 8 AM - 10 pm
Concert: 7 PM

Note that Lew has posted the latest information on the workshop times, costs and details, along with the latest information about vendors, directions, housing etc.

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