Monday, April 23, 2007

Kudos to the NoNahme Clan for a wonderful event!

I slept in late yesterday, exhausted from all the fun on Saturday...

...but I wanted to post a huge THANK YOU to all of the NCFC NoNahme Clan members who put so much time and positive energy into the Spring Gathering on Saturday. It was a wonderful event. I heard nothing but great things from everyone I talked to during the day.

To David Blonski, the Feather River Singers and Scott August, and all of the other folks who performed Saturday evening, thanks for your wonderful talents. It was a truly entertaining evening.

The weather held dry until the last hour of the daytime events, as the crowd was thinning and the vendors were ready to pack up. Thanks for all of the prayers for a dry day.

I'll post more reflections on the day as I get time this week.

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ReneƩ (aka Mama Hawk) said...

Mike, Thank you for a wonderful teaching and learning workshop Saturday morning! I am so impressed with how you were able to make the two hours so informative and personal and helpful to all of us, who came with such a range of experiences and comfort with the NAF. For me, you taught me how to enjoy the skills. How doing long tones, mini scales, intervals and other drills can be FUN and even spiritually moving as a meditation practice. And make you a better wooden flute player.

Thank you for sharing your passion!

Renee from Sacramento