Tuesday, March 13, 2007

REVIEW: Ancient Light DVD by Scott August

"This is one music DVD sure to mesmerize the listener with its stunning visuals of the southwest and extraordinary soundtrack." - Mike Oitzman, March 2007

Scott August sent me an early copy of his new DVD: Ancient Light to review last week. I have watched it several times and each time I find myself lost in all of the great images. This DVD combines Scott’s music and his collection of images from the southwest into a stunning multimedia experience.

I have loved Scott’s music since the release of his first album, Distant Spirits. In my view, Scott August is the consummate composer, and his CD’s always take me on a musical journey. I’ve known Scott for many years now and I’ve am excited to see one more imaginative and finely produced product come out of Cedar Mesa Music.

The one talent which I didn’t realize that Scott had, until now, is that of photographer. This disc shows this talent in spectacular detail. Although I imagine that it’s hard to take a bad picture of the many of scenes included in the visuals in this disc, Scott finds a way to make every image amazing. I know that he has taken many, many photo’s of the southwest (check out this link or this link for more pictures by Scott), and I would imagine that the hardest part of this project was editing the pictures down to the one’s included in the final version of the disc.

Probably the best recommendation for this DVD comes from my six year old son who sat down and watched the DVD with me for the first viewing. He was immediately drawn to the music and the visuals and sat on my lap mesmerized while the video played. You’ll find this a great DVD to play in the background for a party, flute circle or any event where you want to enhance the music experience beyond just listening to the CD. I see something new in the pictures every time that I’ve watched it.

If you don’t own any of Scott’s music, this is a great compilation of music from his previously recorded CD’s.

About the Music

The DVD features some of Scott's best music from his previously released CD's:
Here's a list of the song titles:

The DVD also includes the following special features:

Southwest Destinations, Commentary by Scott August - in this special feature, Scott shows some of his favorite pictures from the DVD and talks about the things which he likes about the different areas, parks and features of the Southwest. I was especially interested in this part of the DVD since we're planning our trip to Utah this summer.

Animal Dreams, Wildlife of the Southwest - in this special feature, scott includes some of his favorite pictures of animals he has encountered during his travels in the southwest. Each animal picture is accompanied by sound recordings of the animals.

About Scott August - this special feature provides some additional detail about Scott August and his recording career.

You can order your own copy now, by clicking here.

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