Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Nest by Laughing Mallard

Laughing Mallard flute cases and the Oregon Flute Store (actually one in the same...) have created a new flute case called "The Nest" designed to make your 'flute event' travels that much easier.

This flute case features a more backpack like design and it looks like it will serve you well in helping to carry not only your flutes, but the other stuff that you want to bring along on your flute adventure. Kudo's to Jeff and Joanne Calavan for designing a really innovative new flute case.

The flute case features a pocket for your water bottle (nice!), padded shoulder straps and a security pocket for your wallet (necessary for holding the cash which you'll be bringing to buy flutes from flutemakers at the upcoming NCFC Spring Festival).

I don't own one yet, but I am definitely looking at this with interest.

Cost is $200, available exclusively from the Oregon Flute Store

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