Friday, February 09, 2007

Tuvan Throat Singing: Chirgilchin

I watched the TV show: Digging up the Truth a few weeks ago when they investigated the history behind Genghis Chan and the Mongol dynasty. The amazing fact from the show was that Genghis Chan was such a great leader that he was able to unify everything from the far east, to the middle east to Europe. He also had so many wives and children that it's estimated that something like 10% of the people living in China are related to him today (I don't know if I've got all my facts straight, so don't quote me on this..). Anyhow, Tuva is a small country on the bordor of China (it's a former Soviet state) who's residents still live very much like Genghis Chan.
If you have never heard Tuvan throat singing, then I have a treat for you. One of the best touring groups "Chirgilchin" is in Berkeley next week for one performance on Wednesday, Feb 14th, 8PM at Ashkanaz.
I saw them last year, at the same place, and it's still one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. I plan to be there again next week.

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