Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Memories from the NCFC Gathering

Wow. What a day we had. I am still tired from all of the fun and excitement of Saturday. First of all, at one point I counted over 60 people. I only wish that I could have had more time to chat with everyone individually. Thanks to everyone who brought and shared their energy on Saturday!

Mary Youngblood and special guest Michael Bayard put on a great improvization workshop. There was such a large crowd of folks interested in learning from Mary and Michael, that we moved the workshop outside under a big tree in Mary's backyard. Mary and Michael have a great on stage working relationship.

Garth Brooks and Kenneth Hooper of Elysium Calling, played a set in the hot evening sunlight. I thought that Garth was going to melt, but he held in there for some great music. Garth and Kenneth came up and jammed with a variety of folks from the circle throughout the evening. Thanks to Garth and Kenneth for sharing their sound system.

Francesca jammed with several folks, Mary's daughter in law got up and blessed us with her beautiful voice and guitar playing. Lee Aviles sang some wonderful song with the drum, after some prodding from his wife Morningstar - he really has an awesome voice.

It was always fun to see and talk to Lew Paxton Price. We're always blessed to have such a wonderful spirit in Lew be a part of the event.

I was blessed to join Mary onstage, on percussion, for a few songs. It was the highlight of my day. Mary sang to her one year old grand daughter Berkeley. We celebrated Mary's birthday with a birthday cake gifted by the Loping Wolf clan.

Steven DeRuby, Geoffrey Ellis, Brian Revheim and Lonnie & Andrea Murphy all displayed their wares, and I know that several flutes found some new homes.

The award for driving the furthest goes to Al and Dawn King who drove up from Lompoc to join us for the day. It was also nice to met Jeff Lock of the Reno Flute circle came "over the hill".

Frankie Sierra displayed and shared his world flute collection. I saw a lot of folks attempting to play the fujira (spelling?).

And some more exciting news came out of the day, as I had a chance to sit and chat with Marion Cole of Garden Valley, we are going to adopt the Garden Valley fluties as a new clan: the "NoNahme Clan". This group is fortunate to have Lew Price in their membership! Welcome NoNahme Clan!

I am having problems getting picture uploaded today, so I'll post pictures on the NCFC website this weekend and post a link to the page.

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